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Registered with Ofsted and CQC

Ofsted Registration no. SC473473

CQC Registration no. RGP1-1098210789 

Nestlings Care LTD

Nestlings Care Ltd is an independent organisation registered with CQC and Ofsted to provide specialist residential placements for young people, offering intensive, individualised care with crisis management in community.

We have identified that young people with complex mental health presentations can sometimes be unsuitable for inpatient hospital settings or are delayed discharges from hospital due to complex needs or  have recurrent admissions in hospital due to lack of  mental health skills and expertise within residential placements and/or delay in accessing Specialist mental health services.

The placements are developed for young people who require intensive support and monitoring for recovery and independence. Care staff are fully trained to identify early warning signs and utilize identified de-escalation techniques as per risk management care plan and offer support and seek advice from specialist team.

Our placement:

  • Compliment of Care Staff team with experience in social care and mental health.
  • 1:1 staffing during the day with Team leader working in every shift.
  • Minimum of 1 waking staff and 1 sleep-in staff at night(Team Leader)
  • Comprehensive mental health training package for care staff.
  • Clinical Supervision by Specialist Nurse
  • Staff Support/debrief by Nurse psychotherapist
  • Staff supervision by Clinical Psychologist

Our Specialist Mental health Team:

  • Weekly review of care plans and comprehensive risk management plans
  • 1:1 specialist nurse review
  • Regular review of mental state, risk management care plans by Consultant Psychiatrist
  • 24/7 on call by specialist nurse and consultant psychiatrist for support and crisis management.
  • Individual psychological interventions 
  • Music therapy
  • Growth Project- sensory garden/Art award
  • Occupational therapy

Education:  1:1 education through NT&AS /vocational training /work experience








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